WUB Hawai’i hosts Uchinānchu Talk Story IV, a one-day symposium on Okinawan Lifestyle and Longevity.  The event will feature internationally acclaimed experts and brothers, Dr. Bradley Willcox and Dr. Craig Willcox.  The Willcox brothers have extensively researched, published and presented their findings on the genetic, environmental and clinical aspects of healthy aging.  They pioneered the study on Okinawan Centenarians, and have received numerous local, national and international awards and accolades for their work.  They will share some of the secrets to staying healthier and more youthful, the Okinawan way.

In addition to the keynote speakers, the event will feature presentations on physical fitness, lifestyle, and financial security.  An Okinawan-style plate lunch will be provided.  Seating is limited so early registration is advised.



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